Tomato Concentrates
Tomato Paste Brix 291 H.B.
Appearance Smooth , free flowing at ambient temperature with uniform bright natural red color .
Howard module count max 40%
Brix 291 H.B.
PH 4.5 max
Color Min 2.0 a/b summer crop , min 1.9 a/b winter crop
Flavor Free from scorched , bitter green tomato flavors , distinctive free from any off flavor .
Shelf  life Tomato Paste Brix 291 H.B.
Additives None
Bostwick Max 7.5 cm /30 sec.
Transportation Ambient
Packing In aseptic bags within conical drums
NetWieght 225 Kg
Palettaization Each four drums on one pallet and wrapped around with polyethylene stretch film
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